La Rosée

Public Buildings Administration

Our office has teamed up with the artist Armand Strainchamps for the creation of the artwork called the "Dew" which represents the meteorological phenomenon of dew falling on the olive trees below in a basin.


The sculpture consists of stainless steel cables suspended from a concrete slab of the large entrance foyer. The cables are arranged in a geometric pattern that takes the shape of the basin, with a cable spacing of 30 cm. 250 cables of variable length follow the shape of the olive tree tops. They were produced by the Atelier Olinger in Foetz.

A reminder of nature

49,100 pearls were used for the creation of this work and come from a French company called "Les Perles du Soleil Levant" in Auxonne. They are light-coloured wooden beads of three different diameters. A horizontal mesh of fine nylon threads connects all the cables in the lower part of the sculpture so that, if the sculpture moves slightly, the whole sculpture moves in one and the same movement, reminiscent of the movement of leaves in trees.