Single Family Home


The difficulty of this project lies in the slope of the land, which forms a funnel from the road that widens downhill. The house has been oriented according to this slope in order to optimize space and orientation.
Space optimization

The living room is located on the lower level and overlooks the outside. A wine cellar is also located at this level, and benefits from a natural freshness since it is underground. On the street side, there is a workshop, the main entrance and a large garage. Once the threshold of the door has passed, a large concrete staircase seen with wooden steps and a glass railing invites the visitor to go to the living room and kitchen. Both rooms are bright and have large windows. The built-in furniture makes the space sleek and minimalist.  On these 4 floors, several green terraces benefit from their sunny orientation. At the back of the house, occupants can swim in a naturally filtered pool thanks to a system of several basins with vegetation. The green colour of the pool water blends perfectly with its red complement to the facade that partially covers the house.