Nursing home Alyséa

Les jardins d'Alyséa S.A.

At the request of the nursing home for the elderly, Les Jardins d'Alyséa S.A., our office was responsible in 2016 for the transformation of the Orangery, also known as the Maison des Couples.

maison de soins Alyséa
A real challenge

The site consists of two buildings and the House of Couples is the smallest. Indeed, the latter, whose construction was completed in 2009, required a restoration to safety standards and adaptation to the needs of residents. All the transformation work was carried out with respect for what was already established, particularly from an interior design point of view. The project was a real challenge because there was no expansion possible, it had to work with the existing system and a number of elements essential to the well-being of future residents were missing.