Reception hall of the town hall in Mersch

Municipal Administration of Mersch

The castle of Mersch whose history dates back to the 13th century is classified as a national monument. Nowadays, it houses the offices of the Mersch municipal administration. However, this highly symbolic situation conditions the daily use of a contemporary service to the citizen.


The addition of an entrance and waiting area improves the reception of visitors. The municipal authorities had the audacity to promote a resolutely contemporary architecture and supported the project managers in this approach. Glazed on four sides, topped with a metal cap covering the ramp and outdoor staircase, this 30 m2 airlock marks the transition between the interior and the exterior. It is completely detached from the rest of the keep and is therefore reversible if necessary. Its transparency ensures that the historic building is not obscured. The same Gilsdorf stones as in the dungeon were used for the interior and exterior floors. Its anthracite metal structure counterbalances the stone of the keep and thus contrasts with its modern appearance. It allows access to people with reduced mobility thanks to a lighted ramp. Like a drawbridge, a passage dressed in oak wood - the only link between the reception room and the castle - assumes the transition between the past and the future. Although it is entirely glazed, the entrance provides visitors with great comfort while they wait thanks to its controlled ambient temperature and good sound level.