Festivities hall - Bosque FeVi Gaudium


Just two years after the restaurant, we are proud to show you the village hall of the Seven Hotel, the Bosque FeVi Glaudium, recently renovated by us. Our desire was to keep an aesthetic coherence between the two rooms. A successful bet!

Seven Hotel - Salle des fêtes

The dining room represents roots, stability. Called "Flavour", it is intended for tasting. The room on the first floor, called "Gaudium" ("joy" in Latin), has a lighter function as a party room.  The parallel with the surrounding nature is preserved. Indeed, the "Gaudium" room is located at the level of the treetops, which is why the wood, which is placed on a wall panel, has been placed more repeatedly than at the bottom and in a more geometric cut-out. While the ceiling is black in the restaurant, here it is white to evoke the sky. The backlighting of the luminaires accentuates the effect of floating branches, and their geometric shape follows that of wood.



There is a coherence between the bottom and the floor in the choice of materials and colours. Indeed, bleached oak is also present at the bottom, but it gives the impression of being more massive and is wavy. The black is kept at the top, which gives a very chic and intimate touch to both rooms. The white walls around the windows accentuate the direct connection with nature and light that enters the space more easily. As at the bottom, the space saving is considerable since the bar has been removed. Everything is done to ensure that customers have a pleasant time in a warm and aesthetic environment.