Single Family Home


The challenge of this demolition and reconstruction project was the narrowness of the plot.

Crossing of light and nature

The previous house was completely demolished to rebuild a new one to the customer's taste. In order to compensate for the narrowness of the surface, large windows have been installed in large volumes to allow as much light as possible to pass through. Mainly located at the front and back of the house so that light can pass through it. This opening is like an invitation to the surrounding nature to enter the premises. An architecture with rectilinear geometry gives the house a modern style. Simple and raw materials are used, i. e. concrete and wood. The interior is refined, allowing a glimpse of a minimum of details. The storage space is discreet and functional. Glass walls optimize the passage of light. In the extension of the house, a terrace located on the south side offers the inhabitants a pleasant place to enjoy the greenery and sunshine.