"Haff Bredimus" Accommodations

Fonds du Logement

The "Haff Bredimus" building is an old farmhouse dating from 1743 and 1786 located in the village of Huncherange. It is one of the few farms in Luxembourg where the facade of the main building is made of carefully crafted exposed stone.

Listed and classified

In order to be able to guarantee the protection of this heritage, the municipality of Bettembourg acquired this property a few years ago. The Fonds du logement has offered to take over the existing building and breathe new life into it. This project was carried out in close collaboration with the National Service of Sites and Monuments. The typology of the building and the historical elements have been preserved, in particular the facades with the pediment of the entrance door, the arched cellar, the old fireplace and the period framework.

Green housing

 The complex consists of three buildings of energy classes A and B with a total of 14 rental units. For the exteriors, the farm's usoir will take its place again as part of the overall redevelopment of the village core. In addition to the establishment of green areas and a playground, an ecological car park has been developed nearby by Espace et Paysages.