Gaffelt school extension

Communal Administration of Dudelange

The existing structure of the school did not allow for an additional level. It was therefore decided to extend the entrance and to have as little impact as possible on the existing structure of the school.

Architectural coherence

It is a lightweight wooden structure, the rest being built in masonry/concrete. The connection of the extension with the existing one was difficult to achieve because the roof of the entrance space is sloping, so it was complicated to get the same level as the existing floors. In addition, there was a challenge to deal with very different and very present architectural entities (colours, structure, joinery, etc.).  There is a concordance between the elements of the composition of the Beng signature maison-relai: banner windows, tree-like supporting structure and different treatment of the main facade on the courtyard. In other words, a new skin that we are very happy to present to you here!