Bevlal - Rouden Eck
160 m²

The "Beweegungsfabréck" is a physiotherapy practice located in Belval, in the Rouden Eck building. It is equipped with six treatment rooms, a large training room and a 40 m2 terrace that can be used on sunny days.


The choice of materials was based on contrasting shades and wood, which can be found from the floor to custom-made joinery. The aim was to create a strong visual identity and a place where you feel comfortable. A harmony between the interior and exterior joinery has been achieved through the materials and their colours. We find the matt black of the chassis, from the hardware to the custom logos of the signage. The glass doors of the treatment rooms are sandblasted and the windows are equipped with blinds to ensure privacy. Original lighting fixtures accentuate this warm atmosphere as soon as we arrive in these places.

Well-being and comfort

The aim of the two young physiotherapists was to provide their patients with pleasant care spaces adapted to their needs. The practice consists of several consultation rooms and an open space for training. There are machines, sports equipment, mini race track with its damping wall. All the rooms are equipped with an audio system in order to be able to program a sound atmosphere in adequacy with the care provided. Everything is done to ensure patient comfort.