Am Park Schoolyard

Administration Communale de Pétange

Existing school ground facilities will be repaired or removed as required. All the trees will be preserved and wooden benches will be installed around the trunks.

Two areas

The schoolyard will be divided into two zones. The first area will be open and suitable for individual and group games. The second area will be more conducive to exchanges since it will be far from the hustle and bustle, allowing children to sit under the trees and discuss.

The existing basketball court will be moved to the first area and will be positioned perpendicular to the street soccer field in the immediate vicinity of the buildings. A "funnelball" will be provided for the children and will be located near the main entrance.

In the second zone, two structures resembling plants emerging from the ground will allow children to climb up, test their balance or sit down. These will be set up near the trees, in a pebbled surface forming the anti-fall covering. Urban trampolines will also complete this space.

To respect the "nature" concept of the schoolyard, animals will be painted on the ground so that children can identify with an animal and line up at the end of recess.