Single Family Home

242 m²

Optimizing the space was the great challenge of this house since its plot is narrow and short.


This new construction has 3 different levels. When you enter, you can directly notice the passage of light on both sides that leads you to the living room. The owners wanted to have both their terrace and swimming pool on the same level as their living room, which offers them a magnificent invitation to the outside world. They also have a beautifully appointed cellar where you can draw your wine and taste it.

The sweetness of life

Thanks to the different light entrances in the living room and the kitchen, it is a very pleasant space. And when you open the sliding doors to the terrace on sunny days, the ground floor is extended outwards. With its four bedrooms and two bathrooms, this house offers this family of 3 children a non-negligible living comfort. In addition, storage spaces and dressing rooms optimize the use of volumes even in the corridors !